Onshore Solutions

Fire protection of valuables onshore

Fire protection of vital facilities on land

Fire Eater's environmentally friendly fire extinguishing solutions are based upon INERGEN®.
Harmless to humans, machines and equipment INERGEN® can be used
in many different environments and indeed is so, around the world.

On land, the primary goal is the protection of high value or critical data facilities such as
server rooms, computer rooms, control rooms, switch rooms, telephone exchanges and
other business-critical facilities containing equipment which is incompatible with water.

Whatever it is you wish to protect, no matter the environment, a proper assessment of the
fire risk and the consequences in case of fire should be carried out.

The safest and the best

Fire protection is not just about keeping your property safe, it's also about getting the
smartest solution at the best price.

Our many years of experience in working with INERGEN® allows us to advise our clients
on the most effective solution. By being involved in the early stages of the process, we can
often save our customers more money by offering creative and innovative solutions that are
value engineered.

If you need technical guidance, please contact our consultants for an informal discussion.