All educations at Fire Eater College will be a combination of theory and " hands-on ".
More information about the specific educations can be read below.

Education Name:
Installation Education (education id: 190030)

Installation Technicians, Service Technicians
design staff and product managers.

1.75 days of 8 hours.

The purpose of education is to ensure that participants:
     - Have a basic knowledge of INERGEN and other common extinguishing agents
     - Become aware of INERGEN components, special tools and their use
     - Can handle pressurized cylinders in a responsible manner
     - Can install INERGEN systems in a correct way

     - Introduction to CI IV8 stand alone system, components and data sheets
     - Working with the IV8
     - Introduction to the SV22 system and components
     - Working with the SV22 system
     - Introduction to PDS solutions


The program assumes that the participant:
     - Have a basic experience in installing extinguishing systems
     - Can understand English or Danish speaking and writing

Delivery Material
The education obtained:
     - The training materials
     - Special tools required in order to install INERGEN systems
     - An official competence diploma *

* By passing the participant receives a qualifying diploma.
    The diploma is valid for 3 years from the issue date.
    The diploma is stored in Fire Eater QAQC system.

     - Planning Training
     - Service Training

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